Bi sex chat January 2014...Welcome to Like the back of a Volkswagen.Not loving stress right now. The pressure is on to the point that the muscles in my face actually hurt. Fight or flight apparently. You tense up long enough and thats what happens. Frustratingly its absolutely out of my control. Too many people want too many things the phone rings over and over either asking or telling me to do stuff which doesnt take into consideration the buttload of my own crap which keeps getting pushed aside. Why would it No time to exercise cant sleep not eating. This is the biggest FML Ive had for a while and its just sorta ever so slightly starting to fuck me off. And where is most of it coming from Does anyone have... the motherfucking stupidass house build Regret has kicked in and Im not enjoying a single second of it. Theres a lot of Itll be worth it once youre in going around and holy fucking shit it would want to be because at the moment Id be ecstatic if an earthquake knocked the fucker down.Despite all the drama unnecessary carry on tyranny setting me up to fail disgraceful communication skills accusations and ultimatums that Im on the receiving end of there are or at least were a

Bumble bee earrings jewelry sfwriterquote namesfwriter time20140910 002737Why is Mustang not one of the tags for this video. This is totally unacceptable. And OMG is that a plain sponge they are using This is outrageous I need to go lie down.quotelincoln289 at 9914 113000 PM says 1

Bumble bee pollinating a flower web sex chinaAugust 2014...2014.08.2819.09Welcome to if someone had to cop a bottle in the face at least it was Redfoo.Ive been a nightmare this week. A grumpy assholic cunt and Im happy to own that. Poor suffering anyone who dared displease me has been left without any doubt of this. Its hard to know what caused it exactly probably more a culmination of things. Hit a point last Friday of mental andor physical decimation. Constantly from one task to the next even basic daytoday stuff too many questions to answer too many people want something too much to do not enough sleep annoying ice bucket challenges practically nonexistent social life Im injured and god knows what else have all taken a toll. Its not like life is bad everything is just too much. September and October promise to ramp shit up to another level entirely too. Cannot wait... There is one highlight at the moment and thats that the part where the end of building a house being in sight is in sight. So just to clarify the end isnt in sight the time when you can say that it is is. Ill be over the fucking moon about it too. While we all digest that preposterous statement lets run through activities of the week and my life. If youre not interested just scroll your mouse wheel down a wee bit and enjoy some of the insanely awesome external links.Friday bloody Friday. The previous 4 days had been 8am til midnight in front of the computer worki

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